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During a job in which he had installed a new extension onto the back of a customer's house he misplaced his phone. After calling his mobile insurer to report the handset missing, he realised the lost device had in fact been been left inside one of the new wall cavities.

The customer called his firm to let him know and allowed the builder to remove the phone before cancelling his claim.

This was just one of the weird and wacky claims submitted to a facial slimming injections sydney insurance site that also included phones left in coffins, toilets and even eaten by cows. One of the weirdest mobile insurance claims for a lost handset was filed by a builder in his 30s from Stockport.

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Yet many are terrified about losing them. One in three 29 per cent admitted to taking the precaution of hiding their valuables under clothes or in shoes.

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Fewer than 1 in 10 Brits take out gadget insurance with a view to claiming compensation in the event that hardware gets lost or damaged in the course of a holiday. The builder from Stockport topped the list.

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In second place was a farmer in his 50s who found his mobile phone embedded in the edge of a hay bale. An undertaker from London reported his phone as lost, but called the next day to withdraw the claim after finding it inside a coffin.

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It was a lucky find because the body was due to be buried shortly afterwards. Other claims including a woman in Cambridge who left her phone facial slimming injections sydney two books in a library and a year-old man from Liverpool who found his phone inside the cistern of his toilet.


A year-old woman from Birmingham told mobileinsurance. A keen gardener from York has accidentally buried his phone in the flower beds of his front garden.

Despite being covered in mud and being left outside, the phone was undamaged.

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