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The audience segmentation considers all the variables in the questionnaire on the basis of which the user can build specific target groups. Affichage, News and EpaMedia tried, using their own classification for billboard values, to sustain price increasing, but they couldnt offer studies about the reach and efficiency for campaigns.

In absence of modern instruments for planning and selection, OOH suppliers used photographs, maps, location previews.

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In some towns were approved restrictive regulations regarding outdoor, but in Bucharest these regulations are not very precise. Even the international suppliers and local authorities met at Mediafax talks about OOH conference and discussed about necessity of new regulations regarding this activity in Bucharest, didnt brought positive changes.

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Affichage, in partnership with JCDecaux, EpaMedia and News Iris beauty slimming center asked an auction for urban furniture, but this havent been materialized in The BRAT members working in the field of internet, 60 companies, founded in a new department inside the bureau, aimed to produce an internet audience study.

The objectives set forth for these new department are the objectivity of measurement and standardization, finalized in a Internet Measurement System. The IAM, named SATI will provide to the market the results for the traffic, audience and socio-demographic profiles of the websites included in the survey. BRAT received 7 valid offers.

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BRAT was assisted in the tender process by an independent consultant, Mr. BRAT chooses at the end of the evaluating process the German company Spring as the supplier for the sfaturi 2 pierde in greutate four years.

In the Internet Department of BRAT gather almost 76 members, between them all the major players in the online industry.

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The iris beauty slimming center used for measuring the traffic, audience and profiles of the websites is already used for many years in other 4 European countries and is widely accepted and recognized. BRAT provided to the members an application, available online, for the usage of these data. The results for the audience and profiles of the websites will be available for the first time in June The audience and profile results of the websites will be available to the member through a specialized media planning software.

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This will create for BRAT a new stage of development, being the first step for the advertising industry in Romania to gather all the strategic information about media in one single source. Types of media analyzed: print, radio, TV, internet, cinema and outdoor. The information related to respondents lifestyle: purchase behavior, information habits and sources, their attitudes and values are available, linked to the media usage.

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The FOCUS questionnaire is self completed by the respondent; the interviewer had only to help the respondent to understand the way the questionnaire has to be filled in and to collect the completed questionnaire. The research combines media penetration data, product and services consumption and with socio-cultural behavior.

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In autumnBRAT will take a decision regarding this new method Media Monitoring The services available with most of the specialized companies include: Advertising activity reports covering all media see each company below.